Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Not listening to advice.

One of the first pieces that I made at Stafford is Give Paper back, an installation at Cannock Chase.(One of the reasons I love to practice in Staffordshire, the huge amount of natural resources and forests) I had a huge interest in Land and environmental art which I believe is something that still influences how I practice and think.

I decided to do a HND in Fine Art Sculpture, I was told not to by quite a few people and tutors as a degree would be better for me. I was told to go for the best Art College or University, but I was intrigued by what I had seen at Stafford College, no other University that I had been to had students working on imaginative sculpture. I had the opportunity and the means and funds to experiment in every medium and material by going to the small college I went to. It truly allowed me to be myself, and learn a huge amount of skills in drawing, clay, stone, metal, and ceramics as a basis from which to spring to other materials and ideas. It also allowed me to be involved for the first time in an artist community and feel part of a group, and gain the criticality and interaction of other students, as well as meet local respected artists and see how they made their living.

I'm glad I didn't take that advice, as I now see my time at Stafford as fundamental to who I am. After later studying in London and being disappointed it made me realise how my education there really allowed me to see how to make a living where I want to live, studying in London never would have shown me that.

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