Monday, 23 February 2009


Uv Spiral, 2007. Various Dimensions.
Mixed Media.

I've always had a love for works that involve installation and an element of site specifity. I have found James Turrell as my installation idol. No other artist has made as big an impact on my experiences in a gallery space as his works. He takes you to another level of concious, and makes you question your experiences of the world and his work As a maker who is interested in process being able to create works to install into a space is incredibly challenging in a variety of ways. Through this process of problem solving and installing I end up having the opportunity and time to be creative it is always a vehicle for new ideas. Working in new spaces is always rewarding, I always relish the Image making through photography with Installation work as quite a different work can be represented which is intriguing for me, the way in which you can reimagine a work.
I have taken from Turrell his playfulness and the interactivity of his works expecting the spectator to become part of the work. But also importantly his use of coloured light within some of his works.

The Images above show me looking back to paper cutting again as an influence but working with installation like with Waterfall(2006). Specifically becoming interested in the relationships between nature and mathematics, particularly that of the Fibonacci sequence. As I looked at naturally occuring spirals in nature through my own photographic explorations. I had always wanted to use UV light with paper, the fact that UV represents something clean and pure interests me with the colour it produces.

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