Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Back on form

Works looking at anomalies and iridescence, touching on issues around the beautification of science.

Unfinished business part 4

End of the line. I decided to project some of the other images in iridescence that I had been working on, however forcing different pieces of work together because I'm desperate isn't really the best way to practice.

Unfinished business part 3

It goes on, funny how as an artist its hard to let go of an idea of using something. But I did like some of the imagery that I made with these installations. But I still didn't see them working.

Unfinished business part 2

So theres more, you have been warned. This was the first installation I did using the paper cutting and UV light.

Unfinished business

So I didn't finish that paper carving I had been working on for ages. In the end I felt like I was barking up the wrong tree. So I decided to put it to rest for sure by doing a load of installations with it, to prove to myself that I didn't work. Seriously what a backwards way of working and a waste of time! Oh well. Enjoy this work that "dosn't work"!
These ones are using MRI scans to project onto the cutting like a screen.