Saturday, 7 March 2009


Memories, Photos and Balloons. Mixed Media Installation. Dimensions Variable. 2007.
Installation with varying filled balloons that rise and fall in the space in the presence of people. Exploring the concept of memories and ambitions.How they rise and fall. Looking to memories from childhood and teenage years, some missing and fragmented. With photographic materials triggering family memories, and situations.

Memories seem to be a
subject that artists, writers and scientists visit time and time again. Questioning the nature of memory, and looking at its limits.Whether through niavety or because its a fundamental element of being human, that we are drawn to what we can't see or quite understand. With our minds able to store vast amounts of memory, creating the people that we are with an indepth intuition and thought processes based on learned experience. I think that memories are key to artists so many of us work with narratives, stories and memories that interest them that they feel they need to create art about. I'm no different and can see this type of work to be very rewarding particularly having a massive resonance with Art Therapies which I have an interest in. Alongside current theories of Neuroaesthetics and the work of Semir Zeki puts forward theories- that the way the brain sees colours is an inherited concept, however– the way in which the brain thinks and its constant changing of the ideals of concept is through acquired experience. Looking at the brain in response to specific stimulus, concept building and abstraction. (Zeki, 2008).

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