Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Compartmentalisation Exhibition

This series of works resulted in an exhibition at Stafford College, my first solo exhibition.
Taken from the exhibtion:

Painting Exhibition - Compartmentalisation

The paintings in this exhibition show my progression from a primary interest in sculpture to the realisation of the sheer joy of going back to work in two-dimensional works, with the informed mindset and influence of a sculptor.

The paintings as a whole explore my own mindset and the way in which I think day to day. Looking at compartmentalisation, pigeon-holes, boxes, small and large confines, endless lists, and the fact that in everyday life we are all governed by the geometric structure around us rather than our own organic one. My personal frustrations with this way of living are reflected in the paintings, as is the irony in my own juxtaposition with structure; as creative mind I need a way of organising my thought patterns and everyday tasks, and thus resort to lists, mind maps, and emotion and thought suppression through compartmentalisation of my mind.

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